What Photo Should You Upload to Your Online Dating Profile?

If you haven’t got a photo on your online dating profile, you are missing out. Statistics show that a profile with a photo gets more clicks. Most people who have had success with online dating have in fact spent time and put some effort into choosing a good picture.But lets first talk about what makes a photo bad, as far as online dating profiles go.1. Naughty – unless it is an adult dating site or you are after one thing, this kind of photos are a no-no.2. Me, the party animal – drunk is not cool. Not cool at all. Everyone has “That can’t be me” photos, but they should be shared only with closed friends.3. Meet the parents – Isn’t it a bit too early for this? Pictures with your family around don’t make a good first impression.4. Mobile phone photos – Yes, technology is getting better, but making a self-portrait with your phone looks a bit desperate. Especially if you are wearing sunglasses and have Photoshoped the image “just a little bit”.5. Big sunglasses – Don’t hide your face. You may think that sunglasses will make you look cool but that is not always the case. After all someone once said that eyes are the window to someone’s soul.6. Photoshop – Really, there is no need for it. Adding unnecessary noise to the photo won’t do you any favours. The focus must be on you and you only.
It is worth mentioning that black and white works most of the time so if you really have to use Photoshop, limit it to making your photo a black and white masterpiece.In conclusion, be natural. A picture really is worth a thousand words, so use it to show your real self, not to hide your imperfections.Close up photo with a natural smile works every time.