Russian Dating Scams – How To Avoid Being Tricked And Financially Ruined

Dating websites are excellent places to safely pick up a date. However, before you plunge in and use your credit card, you must know the type of scams that there are out there. Dating scams are a serious problem and not only it can hurt you emotionally, it can hurt you financially. So make sure you know how to protect yourself from these criminals!There are three types of dating scams:Phone ScamsIf the person gives you a number to call them, make sure it is a legitimate phone number. These scams will make you pay for hundreds of dollars (in the form of an 1900 number) in phone bills.Escorts/Prostitution ServicesDating sites are an easy way for prostitutes to get clients. The profiles are easily recognizable because they tend to use over-the-top sexual details and sleazy nick names. If you don’t want to pay for any of their services, avoid them at all cost.If you sign up with a popular dating site (not an adult dating site) and you see a professional looking photo but her profile describes she likes certain sexual position or is too explicit about sex – be careful and also there is a slim chance she is legitimate. Most decent woman won’t describe some of these details.Travel ScamsBe careful of some Russian ladies that want to go over to America and date you. One of the most common excuses for some of the women is that they really want to see you in person but can’t afford it. If they really do want to visit you, make sure you have established some trust first before you give her the money.