Tips for the Dating Dad – Romantic Advice for Single Fathers

These tips for the dating dad are only the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to romantic advice for single fathers. However they are the mainstays, or the number one hot-buttons to get things going in the right direction. What with all the new technology and social avenues things are dramatically different but yet the goals of all human beings remain the same.There are all kinds of nifty new things to know about how things work in the now. The social movement rushes like a river and the torrent can tend to pull even the more modern people under fairly quickly. It so hard to keep up with all the new technology let alone the etiquette surrounding it.This alone makes a social life a challenge. When you have paternal responsibilities it can be very hard to keep up with the rest of the dating world. So in an attempt to help keep you informed here are some tips for the dating dads out there.Tell your kids the truth. Many fathers are a little leery of telling their child (or children) the truth about the fact that they’re dating. Most of the time it is due to the fear that they will not take it well or react badly about it. This is usually the case when they find out all on their own with no help from you. However, if you sit down and think through what you are going to say before you say and explain it to them in words they will understand it will go over much better.Be patient with them. At first they may not be all that happy about it. Give them some time to digest it and let them go through the process all on their own. Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with things so be prepared for some resistance in the very beginning.Dividing Your Time And Loyalty.Worry and maneuvering over time with your children. Never feel guilty or trade-off your social life over time with your children. Include them. So it comes down to your date and your week with the kids. It’s settled cancel the date is what most sensible fathers would do.It is not necessary. Okay maybe at first just a little but eventually you are going to have to move on and this means all those things you are nervous about.a) Introductions. If you intend on living a healthy balanced life your loved ones HAVE to meet and get to know each other.b) Awkwardness. What if they do not get along? What if my kids embarrass me? Get over it! It very well might be a disaster but it could also become a smash hit of a great time too. You never know until you try. Do you want to be the dating dad that gave up before you ever even began the race because of Fear?c) Acceptable. Would it be acceptable to have a social life while I have the responsibility of fatherhood? How can I be adequate in both areas of parenthood and a social life? If you are already asking questions like, “How can I give my children reassurance and understanding that they need while pursuing a social life;” Then you will find a way and YOU are ready.These are questions only a concerned father would be thinking. You will do just fine and chances are these things will work themselves out in the end.Never let your children dictate the terms of your adult relationships.These are adult lives being lived and if you or the person you are dating is allowing their children to sabotage every move towards an advancement in your relationship things will never work out. So just do not let it happen. You are the adult and the one in control here for a reason. You will make the right decision.Do not give up too fast or take one bad date as a sign you’re not ready.The reality of the statistics in any adult dating life is pretty dismal. Especially if you give up too quickly. Whether you are divorced or have always been single you are going to have to meet at least a few people before you find the right one. The thing is, it takes time to test the waters no matter what the situation.So just because your first couple of dates go ‘not so good’ this does not mean dating is not right for you or a sign your not ready. Just do not use this as an excuse to avoid a challenge or shortchange yourself before you even get started.Look at it this way you have gone through all that work and pressure for nothing if you do not find someone. On the other hand, if you do find someone it will be so much more worth it.Tips for dating dads is just as necessary as it is for those who have not gotten that far yet. You are always in a vulnerable moment when you are trying to let others get to know you because you want them to like you but you also want to be yourself. Take the risks and be diligent about it. You are human too and need to be well balanced in order to be the best father you can be.